第40回 カフェを求めて、東京から世界まで。 まるでお花畑!福岡のカフェレストラン〈café hiracon’chez Classique〉でトキメキ体験。/Alice in Cafeland


Known for being a model and a lover of cafes, Alice Saito introduces you to cafes from not only tokyo, but also all over japan and around the world!
〈café hiracon’chez Classique〉中央区


It took about 2 hours by plane from Haneda Airport to go to Fukuoka, a city well-known for delicious food. I visited a cafe so popular that people flock to it from all over Japan.

〈café hiracon’chez Classique〉中央区


Wow! The ceiling is completely covered with dry flowers. Taking a step inside feels like you have entered another world.

〈café hiracon’chez Classique〉中央区


This is a cafe and restaurant above a dry flowers shop. They hang the flowers to dry in the cafe before selling them downstairs. They hang new flowers frequently so you can enjoy a change in atmosphere every season.

〈café hiracon’chez Classique〉中央区


I am enchanted by the flower garden hanging above my head. The scent of flowers fills the room.

〈café hiracon’chez Classique〉中央区


Their salad plate is made with 15 to 20 different kinds of homegrown vegetables. The arrangement looks like beautiful flowers.

〈café hiracon’chez Classique〉中央区


The salad plate lunch set comes with soup and home baked bread. The salad includes chicken breast confit and mortadella ham so it is very filling.

〈café hiracon’chez Classique〉中央区


It is an unforgettable place to bring some one for special occasions and celebrations. There are also side by side couples seats perfect for a date.

(photo : Keiichiro Todaka)

〈café hiracon’chez Classique(カフェ ヒラコンシェ クラシック)〉

■福岡県福岡市中央区警固2-11-16 2F
■11:30~16:00、18:00〜1:00 木曜休
■2-11-16 Kego Chuo-ku Fukuoka-shi Fukuoka

斉藤アリス / ハナコラボ所長


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