高円寺 ALL C's CAFE

第63回 カフェを求めて、東京から世界まで。 その数100匹超え!?熊だらけのカフェ〈ALL C’s CAFE〉へ。アイシングクッキーにも挑戦!

Known for being a model and a lover of cafes, Alice Saito introduces you to cafes from not only tokyo, but also all over japan and around the world!
高円寺 ALL C's CAFE

高円寺きってのフォトジェニックスポット、〈ALL C's CAFE〉へやってきました。店内にはご覧の通り、クマのぬいぐるみがたくさん。どの席に座ってもクマさんが相席してくれます。

I went to ALL C's CAFE, one of the most photogenic spots in Koenji. As you can see, there are many teddy bears in the store. No matter where you sit, a bear will sit with you.

高円寺 ALL C's CAFE


There are bears all over the cafe, not just in the seats. How many of them are there? There must have been over a hundred of them, including the smaller ones.

高円寺 ALL C's CAFE


The most popular seats are here. This is a bear harem! When I was sandwiched between the countless bears, the fluffy texture and gentle scent of fabric softener soothed me more than I could have imagined.

高円寺 ALL C's CAFE


The most popular is Mont Blanc Lion. The face is made of a marron, the hair is made of marron cream, and the base is made of rolled cake. After many trials and errors, their menu is not only cute but also delicious.

高円寺 ALL C's CAFE

お菓子の家のお菓子屋さんをコンセプトにしている〈ALL C's CAFE〉では、アイシングクッキーのオーダーメイド注文のほか、作り方を教えてくれるクッキー教室を開いています。

ALL C's CAFE, which is based on the concept of a candy house candy shop, offers custom-made icing cookie orders as well as icing cookie making classes that teach you how to make them.

高円寺 ALL C's CAFE


On this day, I participated in a icing cookie making class. You can choose from over 1,000 different cookie molds and start by cutting out the dough. I haven't done this since elementary school, so I miss it.

高円寺 ALL C's CAFE

食用色素を混ぜたシュガーパウダーで色をつけていきます。これが見た目以上にムズカシイ! アイシングが固すぎると伸びないし、緩いと流れてしまうし。部分ごとにちょうどいい固さに調節するのにコツがいりました。

Sugar powder mixed with food coloring is used to color the cookies. This is harder than it looks. If the icing is too hard, it will not stretch, and if it is too soft, it will flow. It took me a while to get the right amount of firmness in each part.

高円寺 ALL C's CAFE


And here's the finished product. That's pretty good for a beginner, isn't it? It took me about two hours. You can work for up to 4 hours for 3500 yen per person. I was so absorbed in making them that the time flew by and I had more fun than I had imagined. I'm very satisfied!

〈ALL C's CAFE(オールシーズカフェ)〉

■12:00~20:00 不定休
■3-25-24 Koenji Kita, Suginami-ku, Tokyo. CLOSE: Irregular
※Reservations are required for the icing cookie class.

Photo:haru wagnas(@wagnas)

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