Alice’s TOKYO Walk vol.29〈Taiyaki Syaraku〉at Asakusa

モデル・斉藤アリスが英語と日本語で東京を案内! Alice’s TOKYO Walk vol.29〈Taiyaki Syaraku〉at Asakusa


“Oh...I never knew there was a place like this!”
If I go a little farther from my favorite areas, there is so much more TOKYO that I haven't yet found. So, I go out in search of new discoveries.

斉藤アリス / ハナコラボ所長


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I went to Asakusa, where the oldest temple in Tokyo is. Recently more and more people come here from overseas, more than 30 million in a year.


When I walk down Kototoi Street, I smell something sweet and savory. I followed the smell and I found something being cast in a fire.


Do you know what this is? It's a traditional Japanese pastry, Taiyaki. Each mold weighs 2 kg so I can barely hold onto it even with both hands.


The owner, Mr. Yoshino, was born and raised in this town. Using his expertise knowledge and skill, he fills 10 taiyaki molds all the way to the tail with sweet redbean paste.

わぁ、美味しそう! ⼿間暇かけて1匹ずつ焼いていく昔ながら江⼾前スタイル。上⼿に焼けるまで、相当時間がかかりそうだなぁ。熟練の職⼈技にあっぱれ!

Looks delicious! In the traditional Edo-style, he makes each taiyaki one by one. It takes a lot of time and effort to master this skill. What an expert!


Bon appetit! It's fresh and hot. Inside the light and crispy exterior, it is jam-packed with sweet red bean paste from Tokachi. They are a steal at only 140 yen each.


Takeout is ok, but eating on the bench in front of the shop is the way to go. After praying at Sensoji Temple, I recommend stopping by the shop to get taiyaki because it's considered a lucky food in Japan.

〈たい焼 写楽〉

■台東区浅草3-9-10 キャピタルプラザ浅草1階
■11:00〜18:00 月休

〈Taiyaki Syaraku〉
■Taito-ku Asakusa 3-9-10
■Closed: Monday

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