Alice’s TOKYO Walk vol.28〈Edo-Miyageya Takahashi〉at Kiyosumi-Shirakawa

モデル・斉藤アリスが英語と日本語で東京を案内! Alice’s TOKYO Walk vol.28〈Edo-Miyageya Takahashi〉at Kiyosumi-Shirakawa


“Oh...I never knew there was a place like this!”
If I go a little farther from my favorite areas, there is so much more TOKYO that I haven’t yet found. So, I go out in search of new discoveries.

斉藤アリス / ハナコラボ所長


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I went to Kiyosumi-Shirakawa, a traditional Japanese town. When I walked down Kiyosumi Street, I got a curious feeling. There is a masked man wearing a cape flowing in the wind and a championship belt.


On the other side of the street, I found Jibanyan, a character from Yo-kai Watch. Behind it there is a middle-aged guy with a samurai top-knot. He is definitely the one who has asked the superman to protect the town.


In the shop, there are a lot of nostalgic snacks over flowing on the shelf. Most of them are the same as when I had them growing up.


This couple has run this shop for 30 years. His specialty is a traditional Japanese street performance called Nankin-Tamasudare.


I grew up eating this snack. It's really big but also light and airy, so it's hard to stop eating.


There are also toys, souvenirs, Japanese food, and so on. Each and every item is for sale. The colorful Showa era toys make me really excited!


On the wall, I saw a lot of pictures of customers. Everyone looks happy in every photo. After school, kids flocked to the shop. From long ago and even now, the shop has been loved by the local people.

〈Edo-Miyageya Takahashi(江戶みやげ屋 たかはし)〉

■江東区三好 1-8-6
■10:00〜18:00 不定休

■Koto-ku Miyoshi 1-8-6
■Closed: Irregular

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