Alice’s TOKYO Walk vol.21〈CONTENART〉at Yoyogi

モデル・斉藤アリスが英語と日本語で東京を案内! Alice’s TOKYO Walk vol.21〈CONTENART〉at Yoyogi


“Oh...I never knew there was a place like this!”
If I go a little farther from my favorite areas, there is so much more TOKYO that I haven’t yet found. So, I go out in search of new discoveries.

斉藤アリス / ハナコラボ所長


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Doesn't it look like strawberry shaved ice? Actually, it's a tea flavor. I visited a tea shop that makes summer seasonal tea flavored shaved ice.


"YOYOGI VILLAGE" opened in 2011 and has a lot of greenery like a park. I didn't know that Yoyogi has such a nice place and it only takes two minutes on foot from Yoyogi Station.


The tea shop is located on the second floor and carries only one brand: "Ronnefeldt" from Germany. They have more than 90% market share in five-star hotels around the world. The world's only seven-star hotel in Dubai also uses their products.


Shaved ice is limited to the summer season. The most popular one is "Royal milk tea" which is an Assam blend with milk. The moment I took a bite, I felt the rich flavor of their tea leaves.


"Good vitality" is made with blackberries, hibiscus, and includes vitamin C. It can relieve fatigue of the body and eyes. So, it is good for the prevention of weariness in the summer. It's both delicious and healthy!


I was so impressed by the shaved ice that I bought their tea leaves. I chose "Morgentau" which Putin, Russia's President, drinks every morning. It is made with Chinese green tea with rose and mango flowers. It's very soothing.


They only have 10 seats in the shop but there is an extra 20 seats in the indoor free space of the facility. So, you don't need to wait under the hot sun.


■渋谷区代々木1−28−9代々木VILLAGE 2F

■YOYOGI VILLAGE 2F , Yoyogi 1-28-9, Shibuya, Tokyo
■Open every day

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