Alice’s TOKYO Walk vol.32〈Pennen Nenemu〉at Osaka

第23回 モデル・斉藤アリスが英語と日本語で東京を案内! Alice’s TOKYO Walk vol.32〈Pennen Nenemu〉at Osaka


I went on a trip for two nights and three days. It took about 2 and a half hours by train from Tokyo Station to get to "Osaka", the second largest metropolitan area in Japan.
斉藤アリス / ハナコラボ所長


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大阪 Pennen Nenemu


"The Very Hungry Caterpillar", "Where the Wild Things Are", "Guri and Gura", and so on. We grew up reading these favorite children's books over and over again. I went to a cafe that recreates the world of those books in real life.

大阪 Pennen Nenemu


The nearest station, Nakatsu, is two stops away from Shin-Osaka Station on the Midosuzi Line. The shop is in an old building and it seems like no one is around. Are they really open?

大阪 Pennen Nenemu


You'll be amazed opening the door on the second floor. When you step into the cafe, it is a whole new world. The lush greenery and fancy interior will stir up your emotions.

大阪 Pennen Nenemu


Wow, how cute it all is!Every corner of the cafe is picturesque, so I cannot stop taking photos.

大阪 Pennen Nenemu


The must-have item here is the "Guri and Gura" pancake. All of the dishes and their recipes are inspired by famous children’s stories like this.

大阪 Pennen Nenemu


It If you have read the book before, you have to try the pancake, just once!It will make your dreams come true…

大阪 Pennen Nenemu


Please keep in mind that you need a ticket to get in. They hand the tickets out in front of the cafe at 9:30 every morning. Have a try!

〈絵本と珈琲 ペンネンネネム〉

■大阪府大阪市北区豊崎3-6-4 上野ビル3F

■3-6-4 Toyosaki Kita-ku Osaka-shi Osaka
■OPEN:Every Day

(photo:Masataka Yoshimoto)

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