Alice’s TOKYO Walk vol.31〈Los Barbados〉at Shibuya

第6回 モデル・斉藤アリスが英語と日本語で東京を案内! Alice’s TOKYO Walk vol.31〈Los Barbados〉at Shibuya


“Oh...I never knew there was a place like this!”
If I go a little farther from my favorite areas, there is so much more TOKYO that I haven't yet found. So, I go out in search of new discoveries.
斉藤アリス / ハナコラボ所長


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渋谷 〈Los Barbados〉


Los Barbados is an African restaurant located right in the middle of Yoyogi Park and Shibuya. I included this place in my book, and I also want to pass on this secret place to my readers as well.

渋谷 〈Los Barbados〉


There are 8 counter seats. The owner, Daisuke Kamikawa played bass in the Congo and runs the restaurant with his wife, Mayumi. They fell in love with Lebanese food in Paris and opened this shop together.

渋谷 〈Los Barbados〉


They play Lingala pop from the Congo, and the walls are decorated with colorful African art. One reason I like this place is that I can feel cheerful just by walking in.

渋谷 〈Los Barbados〉


This is my most recommended dish, vegetarian matzah. It's an assortment of side dishes from Lebanon. Clockwise from the top, couscous, falafel, hummus, marinated red cabbage, marinated carrot, and boiled okra with tomato.

渋谷 〈Los Barbados〉


After stuffing the pita bread full, you top it off with soy yogurt. Ms. Kamikawa said "Beans go well with sour sauce, don't they?" It you like spicy food, please try the habanero sauce.

渋谷 〈Los Barbados〉


I can't get enough! The crunchy croquette and the soft beans with a bit of spice is so addictive.

渋谷 〈Los Barbados〉


Another reason I like this place is they carry rare African alcohol. I always order Madeira wine. It's a kind of fortified wine, so it's sweet and easy to drink. Try not to get too drink!

〈Los Barbados(ロス・バルバドス)〉

■渋谷区宇田川町41-26 パピエビル104
■12:00〜15:00、18:00〜22:00 日休

■Shibuya-ku Udagawa-cho 41-26
■Closed: Sunday

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