〈coba cafe〉太宰府

第38回 カフェを求めて、東京から世界まで。 福岡の一軒家カフェ〈coba cafe〉へ。ひとクセありのパフェやレモネードに舌鼓!/Alice in Cafeland


Known for being a model and a lover of cafes, Alice Saito introduces you to cafes from not only tokyo, but also all over japan and around the world!
〈coba cafe〉太宰府


It took about 2 hours by plane from Haneda Airport to go to Fukuoka, a city well-known for delicious food. I visited a cafe with a garden in Dazaifu.

〈coba cafe〉太宰府


The cafe owner, Mr. Kobayashi, said “I am always on the lookout for something new”. His unique menu is gaining popularity through social media.

〈coba cafe〉太宰府


The seasonal dessert is finished off in front of you with a quick sear from a gas burner. They generously use one whole pack of strawberries and top the ice cream with caramelized brown sugar.

〈coba cafe〉太宰府


I feel happy when I take a bite of the big, round strawberry. Everything inside the parfait glass is handmade.

〈coba cafe〉太宰府


Also, you can feel a sense of fun originality in their drinks. For example, their homestyle lemonade is made with Thai blue tea. When you add lemon juice...



The sky-blue lemonade becomes purple! The vivid colors are all natural. Mysterious!

〈coba cafe〉太宰府


The desserts are made with seasonal fruits such as peaches and apples. Check out their Instagram @coba_cafe_dazaifu for more information.

(photo : Keiichiro Todaka,Saito Alice)

〈coba cafe(コバカフェ)〉

■11:00~21:00 不定休
■2-7-4 Saifu Dazaifu-shi Fukuoka
■CLOSE: Irregular

☆前回の「分厚くて可愛いあんこトーストはいかが?福岡〈Good up Coffee〉で名物メニューを体験。」はコチラから。

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