第37回 カフェを求めて、東京から世界まで。 分厚くて可愛いあんこトーストはいかが?福岡〈Good up Coffee〉で名物メニューを体験。/ Alice in Cafeland


I went on a trip for one night and two days. It took about 2 hours by plane from Haneda Airport to go to Fukuoka, a city well-known for delicious food.


Check out this cute sweet bean toast! How about having an iced coffee with it?

〈Good up Coffee〉中央区


I went to a coffee shop that was formerly a green grocer. Mr. Shibata, with the help of his friends, renovated the building by themselves when he was 30.

〈Good up Coffee〉中央区


He said “I thought about opening a shop in Tokyo, my hometown of Yamaguchi, or Fukuoka. Tokyo already has so many cafes, and on the other hand, Yamaguchi doesn’t have many young people. So I thought Fukuoka has a nice balance.”

〈Good up Coffee〉中央区


“We want to make the shop a gathering place in the community” he said. They collaborate with local artists to make original goods in order to support the local area.

〈Good up Coffee〉中央区


They use single origin beans for all of their coffee drinks. In the cafe latté they use bright flavored Ethiopian beans.

〈Good up Coffee〉中央区


Their signature dish is a thick toast made from Danish sweet bread topped with sweet bean and a dash of rock salt to top it off.

〈Good up Coffee〉中央区


The cafes in Fukuoka are of very high quality. The town is compact, so I can go to as many cafes as I like.

(photo : Keiichiro Todaka)

〈Good up Coffee(グッド アップ コーヒー)〉

■12:00~20:00 (Wed&Sun〜18:30) 木休
■1-15-18 Takasago Chuo-ku Fukuoka-shi Fukuoka
■Close: Thu

☆前回の「渓谷を望める奥多摩の喫茶店〈絶景カフェ ぽっぽ〉へ。絶景を眺めながらいただくコーヒーは絶品!」はコチラから。

斉藤アリス / ハナコラボ所長


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